Client Galeria

David Stroud
David Stroud is pictured in the pilothouse of his just aquired 62′ Offshore. He is accepting a new US flag that will be proudly mounted and displayed upon her maiden voyage to Catalina Island, immediately following closing. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Bill Lard and the seller Ken Cameron
In the yard at Sitka Alaska, with his new 35′ Duffy, are Bill Lard (right) and the seller Ken Cameron. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Bob and Becky Repar
Bob and Becky Repar are pictured with their new 36′ Sea Ray Aft Cabin MY, “Escapee” (former “Portofino”). “Escapee” replaces a 30′ Sea Ray Sundancer also purchased and sold through Bay Yachts.  
Todd and Charlotte Murray
Todd and Charlotte Murray with family are pictured here aboard there 51 Bluewater. The Murray’s are looking forward to an exciting summer. Dave Jacobs says Todd and Charlotte were the perfect clients to deal with, and Bay yachts is proud to have been able to assist them with their purchase.  
Sid and Judy Ashton
Sid and Judy Ashton are pictured here with their 28 Bayliner. They plan on a fun delta summer with there new boat. Dave Jacobs was the selling agent and says the Ashton’s will have alot of fun aboard her…  
John and Debbie Richter
John and Debbie Richter are pictured here on the day of delivery on their 51 Bluewater. John has already started to figure out ways to upgrade her. Dave Jacobs was the selling agent and says the Richters were a real pleasure to work with, and he know’s they will have many hours of fun aboard their new yacht.  
Terry and Evelyn Lowe
Terry and Evelyn Lowe are ready to cruise aboard their 40 Hershine trawler. Terry will be chasing the fish with his single diesel trawler. Dave Jacobs was the selling agent and enjoyed every minute working with them.  
Ed and Bonnie Stetson
Ed and Bonnie Stetson have moved aboard their new Bluewater 5800. Plans are to cruise the West Coast and beyond, upon retirement. They have already completed a short cruise having brought her down from Portland, over the infamous Columbia River Bar, past Oregon and half of Califonia to the Delta. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Jim and Carolyn
Jim and Carolyn are enjoying their new 3888 bayliner. This is their third vessel and second from Bay Yachts. Dave Jacobs says, I really enjoyed working with Jim & Carolyn they are true Delta boaters and just ALOT of fun. I’m sure they will have many great times aboard FRED III.  
Al and Orlene Dentone
Al and Orlene Dentone at the helm of thier 39′ Bayliner sedan. They plan to keep her in Antioch where she will participate in numerous yacht club cruises, as well as family outings. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Terry Halvorson
Pictured here is Terry Halvorson aboard his new vessel {Terrible Tease}, a 35 mainship, with his first mate “BUDDY”. Dave Jacobs says I liked Terry the minute I met him and I know he’ll have alot of fun aboard his new boat.  
Tracy and Tim Bourland
Pictured here are Tracy and Tim Bourland the proud new owners of a 37 Roughwater Sedan Trawler. Tracy & Tim plan on spending alot of time aboard their new boat and getting to know the Delta. Tracy has already started to upgrade her interior and I’m sure when she’s done there will be one clean Roughwater out there…. Dave Jacobs was the agent and he says, Tracy and Tim are the reason I got into this business many years ago. The are a real pleasure to work with and will be friends for many years to come.  
Mike and Pamela Dennis
Mike and Pamela Dennis are pictured here upon their return from taking an off-shore delivery of their 45’Bayliner Pilothouse. Their plans are to cruise the Coast of Mexico,and to introduce their son’s to the world of boating. Joe Kurlinski was the agent and he says, It was a pleasure working with Mike and Pamela and look forward to hearing of their crusing experiences.  
Calvin and Mona
CONGRATULATIONS! Calvin and Mona on the purchase of “ENTREPRENEUR” a 90 foot Westcoast pilot house motoryacht. The yacht has been berthed in San Diego for several years but they are planning to move her to Newport Beach in the near future. We at Bay yachts wish both Calvin and Mona the very best with their new found dream and all future endeavours with “Entrepreneur”… Here they are cruising out of San Diego harbor and in to the sunset… Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.
Dean L.
Pictured here is Dean L. with his newly aquired 29 Baja Outlaw. Dean drove all the way down from BC Canada to do business with Bay Yachts. Another happy customer and another reason why you to will see the difference Bay Yachts gives you.  
Howard and Kathy Closson
Howard and Kathy Closson have owned several vessels, to include Sea Ray and Bayliner models. Thier most recent aquisition through Bay Yachts is a beautiful 57′ Bayliner Pilothouse. She is in Seattle and will soon be in her Delta berth. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Jim and Barbra Woods
Jim and Barbra Woods have taken delivery of thier 78′ Azimut, “Ms. Barbara”, cruising her to the Northwest with plans for keeping her in Mexico. She has cruised extensively and will be well used by her new owners. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Ray, Sharon, Joe, and Joyce
Appearing here are the newest owners of “Al’s Glo”, a beautiful 4087 Bayliner purchased through Bay Yachts. The new owners are Ray, Sharon, Joe,and Joyce. They plan on berthing her in the Bay area and I will tell you, they won’t be letting any sea wiskers grow on her bottom…CONGRATS  
The Howe's
Pictured here are The Howe’s they are back for there second boat and much bigger I mite add. Gary and Jodi are planning on a great labor day cruise aboard there 51 Bluewater.  
Greg and Suvan
Greg and Suvan pictured here in front of there newly aquired 400Sea Ray Sedanbridge. They are a great couple that are looking forward to spending alot of time on the delta.  
Bruce Jacobs and Sandy McKenney
Yes, even our associates are, sometimes, our customers! Pictured here are Bruce Jacobs and Sandy McKenney aboard their beautiful 42′ Hunter Center Cockpit Sloop. They plan to share time aboard the boat in the Delta and their home in Palm Springs. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Richard and Susan Helstrom
Richard and Susan Helstrom of Phoenix purchased a very nice 38′ Bayliner Sedan that was at our Stockton docks, through our San Diego office, then we assisted in trucking her South and putting her in her Southwestern Yacht Club slip. Richard and Susan look were long time sailors who have now come over to “the dark side”. Congrats on your new purchase and change of boating style! Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Brian Birley
Bay Yachts continues selling vessels “worldwide”! Pictured with our broker(Marc Bay) is Brian Birley. Brian and his bride, Marianne (of Australia) purchased a 40′ Mainship (in rear) from another long time client, Terry Thomas. They plan to visit the US on a regular basis and use her as their “on the water condo”. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
George Oakes III
George Oakes III (right) bought “Cowboy” a gorgeous 26′ Skipjack from Joe Bahan. Here they are on the guest dock at Newport Dunes just after a successful demo. We didn’t drop any lines on the demo, but George plans to catch lots of big ones in the future!   Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Jim Clark
Jim Clark (far left) takes delivery of his 29 Proline and readies her for a trip up I-5 to Washington. Seller, David Hannum congratulates Jim along with Associate Broker, Pip Pippenger and a friend of Jim’s stands by.  
Dan and Carol Allemeir
Dan and Carol Allemeir aboard their 1999 45′ Ocean Alexander 4 miles out to sea after completion of their offshore delivery. It was a gorgeous day at sea off the Newport Coast. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.  
Deb and Dan Nash
Deb and Dan Nash are the proud new owners of the former “Sea Type” a 1990 45′ Bayliner Pilothouse MY, now renamed DND. She is on her way to her new, fresh water, home in Portland, OR.  
Craig Adams
Craig Adams is the new, proud, owner of “Going Deep”, a 40′ Golden Star motoryacht. She will serve as his dive and fishing platform as well as his Bay Area home. She lived her entire life in the Delta but will now get a taste of salt!  
Edie, Malta and Bill Stevens
Pictured are the seller, Kassie Dolan and new owners (L to R) Edie, Malta and Bill Stevens. Kassie enjoyed 30 years of cruising the Bay & Delta aboard her 35 Bluewater. Bill and Edie are going to update the yacht then begin their Bay & Delta adventure (of course Malta will be along for all trips!).  
Joe Paratore
Meet Joe Paratore, from Salem Oregon. Joe is the proud new owner of the pictured 43′ Gulfstar Trawler. He will be keeping her in The Delta as it offers some of his favorite boating. His parents owned a 53′ Gulfstar that the family cruised for years, so that climbing aboard his new boat was like going back in time.  
Robert Englent
On the left is Robert Englent, who purchased the pictured Sea Ray 340 Sundancer. To the right is the seller, Gary Palmero. Gary kept her at the Sacramento Yacht Club, but she will be moving to the Delta and will see loads of cuising with the Sea Ray Club.  
Stacey Reichenberg and Christine Hyne
Pictured here are Stacey Reichenberg and Christine Hyne, the new owners of a 1986 Sea Ray 410 Aft Cabin Motoryacht, formerly known as “Good Bye Colombo 2” and now “The Girls III”. The lucky guy in the center is former owner Rob Colombo. All are shipmates at the Sacramento Yacht Club.  
Greg and Kathy Jones
Greg and Kathy Jones are the proud new owners of this beautiful 2001 52′ Bluewater Motoryacht w/twin Cummins diesels. They will enjoy many years of cruising her in the Bay & Delta.  
Gary Palmero and Melody Hartman
Pictured here, is “Bella Vita” a 2001 Sea Ray 380 Sundancer. She now resides at the Sacramento Yacht Club and will provide many wonderful years of service to her new owners, Gary Palmero and, fiance, Melody Hartman.  
Tom and Kay
Pictured here are Tom and Kay, the proud owners of their 48′ Camargue Cockpit MY. She’s a beauty and is very capable. Upon delivery, they (without any additional crew) exited the Bay and turned right, taking her up to her new slip, a private dock in the Portland area. Congrats and enjoy the Columbia! Anyone wishing to read about their trip from the Delta to the Columbia, can visit Tom and Kay’s blog at:
Trevor is at the helm of his recently purchased 1990 47′ Lien Hwa (Vitesse). She has been moved to the South Bay in San Francisco and is undergoing major upgrades, including a new interior and more! Can’t wait to see her. Happy boating, Trev!  
Brian took delivery of his spankin’ 2007 Formula 400SS! She’s a beauty and I’m sure he and his family will enjoy many happy times aboard her. She water on the crystal waters of Tahoe and will now reside, on a lift, in Discovery Bay  
2005 65' Marquis "Tahoe"
Congrats to the Crabb family on their purchase of the 2005 65′ Marquis “Tahoe” through our coop with Orange Coast Yachts.  
Mike is enjoying our demo ride just minutes prior to closing his purchase of an immaculate 2006 22′ Sea Ray. Happy boating Mike!  
Dr. Ted
Meet Dr. Ted at the helm of his 1998 57′ McKinna, “Farfalla III”. Ted has been boating for years but finally got to purchase his “Dream Boat”. Many joyful and healthy years, Dr.Ted!    
David Stroud
David Stroud is pictured in the pilothouse of his just aquired 62′ Offshore. He is accepting a new US flag that will be proudly mounted and displayed upon her maiden voyage to Catalina Island, immediately following closing. Sold by Marc Bay in our San Diego office.